The Conductor Is On The Podium

This significant juncture in the Body of Christ and in our nation is much like that of a symphony orchestra who’s rehearsed for a lengthy period of time, and now at last has assembled for the big performance. Everyone is tuning and warming up their various instruments, playing all at the same time, while awaiting the conductor (Holy Spirit), already on the podium about to begin, but has not yet raised His conductor’s baton. 

Each one of us has a paramount role to play in this hour, however, important essentials are necessary in order for the orchestra to resound as it has been created, prepared, and called forth in this hour.

  1. Each one of us must be in tune, i.e. in alignment with our Heavenly Father’s heart in the power of the Word and the Spirit, Who is Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  2. Each one of us must be watching and listening to Holy Spirit, our Conductor, as He alone knows exactly how to bring Heaven’s heart and will to manifest on Earth, i.e. His Kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
  3. Each one of us must come to understand the importance of working together as one Body, as one orchestra, with one purpose, no longer divided by instrument or section:
    a) each instrument/section (individual/ministry) contributes vital parts to the whole, i.e. playing the right notes and the right time in the right place (doing only what our Father does and saying only what our Father says), grounded and maturing in Christ’s identity (sonship) and walking in their giftings, callings, and purpose;
    b) no instrument/section (individual/ministry) is more or less important than any other instrument/section;
    c) each instrument/section is playing the exact same piece (seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, loving the King of kings and Lord of lords and others wholeheartedly) without distraction or lack of concentration, aware of their individual/section role relevant to the whole of the piece.
  4. If the Body of Christ stays in a posture of tuning and warming up, oblivious of the Conductor on the podium ready to begin, all the world hears is noise.
  5. However, once all are in tune with our Heavenly Father and with one another, i.e. all on the same piece of music (His Kingdom) irregardless of the individual notes/sections/sounds, with expectation and anticipation of the Conductor directing the entire piece (guiding each individual/section) to a glorious magnificent resounding performance, everything shifts.
  6. We get to choose how we sound and whether we’re going to play our part wholeheartedly and skillfully to His glory. 
  7. The Conductor is on the podium ready to raise His baton. Are we ready for the performance of a lifetime sons and daughters, or are we still tuning and playing our own cacophony (doctrine, theology, politics, culture, immature, stuck in milk instead of the meat of the Word, etc.)?
  8. It’s a new season. The Conductor’s baton is raised to begin the song of the greatest awakening the world has seen since Jesus walked this earth. Are we ready?

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