Fragrant Expressions Product Line: Esther


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July 2019

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$70 includes both the fragrance blend, Esther, and corresponding music with both a CD and thumb drive.


Esther, Fragrant Expressions, is a brand new scents and sounds product line of holistic therapeutic fragrance blends and corresponding holistic frequency infused music in conjunction with Angela Vrettas/Scent of Life Australia. We have prayed together specific to this product line for over two years and are so excited to release our second product, Esther, which will be followed by six additional Fragrant Expressions scents and sounds products throughout 2019. Each scent and sound are specific to a Holy Spirit led holistic therapeutic blend, intention, frequency, Scripture, and color, all created to encounter our Healer.

Hadassah, or Esther, means Myrtle

This amazing fragrance contains the follow holistic, organic, therapeutic ingredients:

Myrrh (referenced as the prophets’ oil): therapeutic and specific to mouth/teeth
Sweet Myrrh
Rose Absolute (high frequency):  specific to grief and issues of the heart
Myrtle: specific to throat, thyroid, , respiratory, and issues of identity
Fragonia (a new discovery): specific to balance, jet lag, the circulatory system, and rhythm.  

Esther is a Holy Spirit led spontaneous holistic frequency infused  instrumental piece recorded in 688.06 Hz. It was recorded by applying the Esther Fragrance Blend topically and also placing it on the keyboard. The note G was utilized as red, targeting specifically to release the frequency of the color magenta for both the fragrance and the music. The color magenta is regarded to be an emotional equilibrator.

Fragrant Expressions Product Line is a vibratory healing therapy that uses the frequencies of the oil blend corresponding to the frequencies of the musical sound to help induce states of deep relaxation where healing can occur. Soothing and deeply relaxing, it helps facilitate shifts in the brainwaves, discharging negative thought patterns that show up as physical, emotion, and mental pain. We are essentially composed of vibrational frequencies; molecularly, cellularly, glandularly. The daily stressors in life, which include environment and life experiences, can negatively impact us causing us to be out of balance. Fragrant Expressions Product Line is a non-invasive, gentler, yet powerful healing technique that can help you experience deep levels of stress release and emotional freedom.


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