The Arts Expressed Curriculum: Equipping Generations Through Creative Arts




The Arts Expressed curriculum contains foundational equipping tools and instructional materials for raising up sons and daughters to be Spirit and Truth worshipers who impact the Earth with Kingdom of Heaven purpose through creative music, art, and movement. It includes Hands On Activities and Musicfor all ages, from the womb through the teens. The arts are a universal language for every nation. As parents and grandparents, our children and grandchildren are our legacy. As teachers and caretakers, we are called to a higher standard of establishing and nurturing the foundations of our greatest gifts: children. Sorenson’s passion and calling is to equip a generation in Christ-centered identity and purpose, utilizing and incorporating creative music, art, and movement to empower sons and daughters to live from Heaven’s perspective, shifting atmospheres over a lifetime. Her unique Kingdom ministry focuses on releasing and encountering His Presence, in conjunction with discipling the generations to be secure in Heavenly Father’s love, carrying ambassador mantle’s of His love, and connecting Heaven on Earth in the power of Holy Spirit on the mountain of arts and entertainment for such a time as this. The Arts Expressed is about equipping a creative generation to manifest His Kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven through strategic music, art, and movement! This curriculum includes three Sound Healing Therapy CDs created specific to this curriculum, as well as Sorenson’s popular 2018 CD Release, Sound Expressions For Kids (Available either hard copy or download. Contact us to indicate preference).

Curriculum release available August 2018, on this website, Kindle Directing Publishing,  Amazon, and various other distributors.

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