New Revised/Updated 2019! Was I Not Listening OR Did Someone Not Tell Me? With 31 Day Devotional/Journal


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New Revised/Updated 2019 Edition with 31 Day Devotional/Journal. Life is a journey that manifests through numerous experiences and scenarios. As humans, we often see things from a perspective reflective of what we are interested in. Our interests align with our gifts and talents – our DNA. For Tammy, music is in her DNA. She was given a prophetic vision of her life as a flowing music staff suspended infinitely over a lush green meadow. As a conductor, it was her joy to collect and place individual notes on the staff. The notes represented individual people, who when they sang or played their notes, became an integral part of a symphony being created at precisely the right moment in time. Every individual has been created as part of the tapestry of Good Ideas because each one of us is a God Idea. This book is written in a musical format; as a composition with a series of musical movements. Preludes and fugues, melodies and harmonies, and a musical directive called, Selah, comprise the expression of our personal journey and the revelation learned along the way. Selah means to “pause and meditate,” which is to say, “here’s how it plays out.” For each of us, life’s journey is about what we have learned, as well as those things we wish we had known. Praying and believing for each reader through Was I Not Listening or Did They Not Tell Me? to be better equipped and empowered in playing the life song you have been gifted to release.

Each paperback book includes a brand new 31 Day Devotional with Journal.
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