Refreshing and Restoring Life

I clearly heard Holy Spirit say, “He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He refreshes and restores my life…for His name’s sake.” Often used as an end of life Scripture, I had my directive for life today – to find green pastures and still waters for the purpose of His refreshing my soul…restoring my life…for His name’s sake today. 

My husband and I proceeded to hike up the mountain for the purpose of finding a quiet stream. We found a spot where we could put our feet in the cool rushing water while soaking up nature, sunshine, and shade. The stream was a single stream flowing down from the mountaintop, rushing quietly towards a waterfall below. Holy Spirit highlighted the single stream as representing the love of our Heavenly Father flowing in and through us, entirely through one source – His Son – Jesus – the manifest demonstration of infinite and intimately refreshing, restoring Love. 

After a bit, we proceeded to hike further down stream until we had reached the bottom of the waterfall. Sitting on the rocks with our feet once again in the cool water, one could not help but be captivated by the way the single stream we had just been in above, found many varying paths with which to crash over the rocks on a much grander scale. The sound was exhilarating; the view magnificent; the experience, refreshing AND restoring. It quickly became apparent that the once single stream, now descending as multiple streams as it surged forward over the rocks, only to suddenly converge once again into a single stream as it continued to push on to an unseen, yet clearly known destiny. Holy Spirit revealed that the many streams once again, were in Christ, but represented the many facets of His Body – diverse, unique, varying and multiple paths, beautiful, refreshing, restoring, yet all originated from the same mountain stream – in Christ – and were all created and designed to flow as one eternal stream on the Kingdom path ahead, irregardless of the diverse callings, giftings, and passions, both individually and as a Body – one stream of His living, refreshing, restoring water flowing in and through us as we push forward in our destiny as His sons/daughters – as His Bride. 

In Christ, only the refreshing and restoring are visible, audible, and discernible, both to ourselves, and to a watching, hurting, broken, and very lost world. He is calling us into a Psalm 23 lifestyle NOW (as opposed to the end of this life), setting aside/behind all doctrine, theology, eschatology, and the many streams that have divided His Body for far too long. We have been born to be IN the stream of His living waters continually…flowing in and through us…continually in the stream of continual refreshing and restoring for ourselves and others. This is a position of rest. This is a position of continually being loved and loving with a love the world has not yet seen or known since Christ demonstrated it the first time He came to Earth. There is no time to waste being caught up in the old wine skins of the past. It’s time to BE His love, His light, His peace, His Word, and all that He IS within us, all from a position of rest since we have been seated in Heavenly places for such a time as this

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