The Children’s Heart Cry

In this new season the world finds itself in, Christian parents need alternatives to public education and to educational options for their children in general. The children of this generation will need very unique and profoundly intentional foundational skills to navigate the decade we have entered into and to walk out Kingdom purposes on Earth as it is in Heaven. It is for this reason, I have launched The Children’s Heart Cry, a new series of Kingdom Equipping Resources, serving parents through online instruction, curriculum, books, holistic instrumental Holy Spirit led sound therapy music, mentoring, coaching, teaching, for equipping this next generation to BE His disciples through a Kingdom Biblical Worldview.

I taught piano lessons from the time I graduated high school, adding piano pedagogy and piano performance degree in college. I also obtained a Vocal Music Education degree and taught public school music for ten years until the Lord asked me to let go of my passion, position, tenure, master’s salary, and all of the benefits that come with being a good educator. Holy Spirit then led me down a path completely unheard of at that time, different than anything I’d ever known, heard of, or expected on behalf of our children and His plans for them: home education.

From the time our precocious four year old started Kindergarten until our youngest adopted graduated high school, a span of over twenty years, I proceeded to graduate five children from high school with two-year college degrees and zero college debt, while our sixth and youngest graduated high school in the midst of navigating kidney failure and transplant. In the midst of the journey, we went to Guatemala and brought back non-English speaking siblings, ages 5, 8, and 10, three grades behind and blended them into our family’s journey. Today, two of our children are professional musicians in Nashville and Atlanta, engaging their passions and the thousands of practice hours they put in on their instruments during our homeschooling years, along with their college degrees. Three of our children have used their college degrees in a variety of ways and are all in professional jobs. Two are in ministry.

I learned early on to see each child, three biological (a set of twins) and three adopted, as our Heavenly Father sees them, and to steward the unique giftings He created within each one for His Kingdom purposes. (Note: I had learned to uniquely discern in this area while instructing nearly five hundred children per day every week in my elementary music classes, choirs, musicals, etc..) Our family spent intentional hours daily in Bible and devotional studies, worship, hearing the voice of Holy Spirit, journaling, praying, seeing all educational subjects through a Kingdom worldview, developing musical instrument and vocal gifts/skills, artistic gifts/skills, dance gifts/skills, photography and videography gifts/skills, creative writing skills, baking interests, craft making interests, entrepreneurial tent making skills, hands on interests and skills, house cleaning, laundry, cooking, yard work, vehicle maintenance, etc..

Holding numerous decrees, licenses, and certifications (See Bio in About on this website), I bring years of walking intimately with Jesus, education, teaching and life experience, worship, children’s, and family ministries into spiritual health coaching, mentoring, and/or tutoring parents in Kingdom Home Education. I have been given a Kingdom Teacher and prophetic gifting, along with being His psalmist in sound healing therapy, devotional, and Holy Spirit led music. My primary Life Languages are Shaper, Producer, Contemplator.

Jesus said, “…the Kingdom is within you.” (Luke 17:21). We serve a generational God who’s heart is toward the children. We are called to steward this generation to be toward Him, i.e. for His Kingdom and for His glory, irregardless of what is or is not transpiring in the world around us. We are called to make disciples, beginning most importantly in our homes. I have researched, been licensed and certified, and walked out everything from Growing Kids God’s Way to Love Languages to Life Languages to Sound Healing Therapy and Frequencies. I have published a number of children’s identity and purpose books, several unique curriculum specific to Kingdom identity and purpose, giftings, callings, creativity, and sound and healing therapy, along with numerous holistic frequency infused instrumental albums (See SHOP on this website for new Children’s Heart Cry books, music, online courses, and curriculum. See Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Bandzoogle, Amazon, and wherever digital distribution is available for holistic instrumental music. See also The Arts Expressed Podcast on this website and on Podbean.) I coach, mentor, tutor, or instruct with a vast array of His wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge and awe in an online classroom.

Consider monthly, bi-monthy, weekly, or bi-weekly online sessions and/or instruction for home educating your children in this new year/new decade of so much unknown. It’s time to make Him known on behalf of the generations! To contact and discuss details or more information see Contact on this website.