Creative Kingdom Collaborations That Shift The Atmosphere

I have had the blessing and honor of ministering to so many treasured and unique individuals through the music gifting and skills my Heavenly Father has placed within me. Nothing is more important to me than each precious individual Holy Spirit sends me to or sends to me encountering the intimate Presence of the One who IS Love, who IS Peace, who is Kindness, Gentleness, Joy, Patience, and all else we as humans are searching for in this life. Holy Spirit instructed me to record instrumental music without words utilizing holistic frequencies, tunings, settings, and the intention of Him drawing all to encounter Jesus; to see and hear whatever their Heavenly Father desires to speak into their lives, reveal to them, or transform/heal/do on their behalf without someone else’s words telling them what to think/feel/meditate on. My VoiceBio software is much like an ultrasound and is used to pinpoint a specific musical plan with which to walk out His purpose in each Sound Healing Therapy session.

Unfortunately, far too many are searching for their identity and purpose in empty places that will never be able to fulfill what can only be found in Jesus: sonship. I love when, amidst the thousands of verses in Scriptures, Holy Spirit quickens a specific and precise Word that only our Heavenly Father knows intimately and specific to each one; speaking into the NOW, and profoundly impacting the moment. How anyone cannot see the divine supernatural connection to their Heavenly Father once the Word is released is puzzling to me, yet it is between Holy Spirit and each individual to work it all out. I am humbled at how more and more accurately His Word is being revealed/received by Holy Spirit on behalf of those He connects me to with Sound Healing Therapy sessions on behalf of releasing His infinite love over them. 

In a recent encounter, five minutes before a new client arrived, I inquired of Holy Spirit for something specific He desired to speak on his/her behalf. I immediately received back in my spirit, “He makes me lie down in green pastures” (Psalm 23:2). When it came time to release that Word in the Sound Healing Therapy session, the client looked at me and replied, “I know that verse well because I pray it over myself every night.” Only God…our Heavenly Father is found in and through the One Who made the way for us to profoundly navigate the journey from an orphan spirit to the spirit of sonship. Only in receiving what Jesus accomplished in, for, through, and over each who seek Him and all that He has made available to all, i.e. sonship, will we ever find the place of true love, peace, acceptance, and purpose here on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Through years of experience, I have witnessed intimate encounters with Holy Spirit via the creative arts. When the creative arts are aligned in Christ as the connection with the Creator of Heaven and Earth through vessels of all ages, from the youngest infants to the elderly, supernatural encounters, prophetic intercession, powerful kairos and Rhema Words, manifest and shift the atmosphere on behalf of individuals, regions, and nations. My heart and calling is to equip families and generations through the creative worship arts: 1) to hear the voice of Holy Spirit and respond through art, music, dance, creative writing, etc.; 2) to know the Word that always accomplishes what He sent it to do; and 3) and to intimately know the One who is their loving Heavenly Father, their glorious King/Redeemer/Healer/Bridegroom/Friend, and Holy Spirit, who for far too long has been relegated to a box. 

I am called to equip, activate, and release all that He is, and all that He has called each of us to through the creative worship arts, sound healing therapy sessions, and intimate encounters of soaking in the Presence of the One who loves each one of us best and most. I desire to collaborate with Holy Spirit filled Word centered artists, dancers, photographers, creative writers, etc. who desire to shift the atmosphere for the glory of our King. Praying and seeking Him to network us together for such a time as this!

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