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The Children’s Heart Cry
Equipping the Generations To Be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

It is also vitally important to ensure our perceptions and discernment are aligned in these uncertain times. Equipping the next generation with foundational tools that empower them to thrive as Kingdom sons and daughters is paramount. The Children’s Heart Cry Online Course is a strategic resource for home educators, care takers, teachers, and parents to discover together with their children/students.

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Preschool – Middle School Teachers/Parents with Students
  • Word-filled Spirit-filled
  • Kingdom Worldview
  • 40 Minute Weekly Sessions
  • Two Different Class Options:
    Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. or
    Fridays at 10:00 a.m.
  • Begins Tuesday 9/8/20 – 12/8/20 or Friday, 9/11/20 – 12/11/20
  • No class 10/27/20, 10/30/20, 11/24/20 or 11/27/20
  • Informative and Powerful
  • Online Screen Sharing/Power Points
  • A variety of hands on activities and activations, as well as pdf/Word doc. handouts.
  • Cost: Introductory Price – $125
  • Once you’ve registered and payment is received, you will receive an email regarding your class day/time choice.

I AM SOUND Sound Therapy
Sound Therapy Instruction

In stressful seasons, it is critically important to be intentional about our own holistic health and well-being (body, mind, soul, and spirit), as well as that of our family’s. I AM SOUND Sound Therapy Online Course provides powerful holistic information, tools, and activations from a Kingdom perspective that will support and empower your journey.

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Specific To Holistic Wellness
  • Word-filled Spirit-filled •Kingdom Worldview
  • 40 Minute Weekly Sessions
  • Two Different Class Options:
 Thursdays 10:00 a.m.
 Thursdays 7:00 p.m.
  • No class 10/29/20 or 11/26/20
  • Informative and Powerful
  • Begins Thursday, 9/10/20 – 12/10/20
  • No class 10/29/20 or 11/26/20)
  • Online Screen Sharing/Power Points
  • A variety of personal sound therapy demonstrations and activations
  • Cost: Introductory Price – $125
  • Once you’ve registered and payment is received, you will receive an email regarding your class day/time choice.

Restoring The Voice 741 Hz

This is the unedited video version of The Empty Classroom Holy Spirit Adventures Podcast Episode #7, sponsored by The Arts Expressed. I am specific to equipping this generation of children and youth profoundly, intimately, and uniquely through essential encounters with the Person of Holy Spirit and the One who IS Restoration.

In this episode, I share strategic and intentional intercession specific to restoring the voice. The short introduction and holistic Holy Spirit led spontaneous music is intentionally on behalf of those who have no voice, those who feel they have been silenced, and those who feel unheard. The intercessory music is intentional to the children of this generation, but is also on behalf of all generations – from the womb to the resurrected tomb – ALL whose voices are in need of restoration for such a time as this. I play a frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental piece in 741 Hz to activate and release the intention of restoring the voice, aligning body, mind, soul, and spirit in the frequency of the powerful blood, Spirit, and Word of Christ Jesus.

1) Get out your Bibles, journals, art pads and supplies, space for movement, scarves, banners, flags, musical instruments, etc. 2) Get comfortable in a quiet place where you can close your eyes and simply BE with Holy Spirit. 3) Let Holy Spirit take you on adventures, revealing (speaking and showing) to you infinite things our Heavenly Father desires each of you to know NOW, as well as for your destinies on Earth as it is in Heaven securely seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 4) Be prepared to be creatively inspired to write, draw, move, create, and release what He is unveiling for such a time as this.

Holistic Frequency Infused Projects and Curriculum 2020 Releases

This video describes in detail new 2020 holistic frequency infused projects and Kingdom curriculum releases I have been working on specific to such a time as this, and particularly on behalf of the children and youth of this generation:

Tapestry of Sounds 2 (Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit led Instrumental Album specific to the Revelations 21 gemstones)

I AM SOUND Sound Therapy Program For Children and Youth
I AM SOUND Sound Therapy Session Album
I AM SOUND Instrumental Album (Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit led Instrumental Album)

The Children’s Heart Cry (Revised Edition) – Equipping Generations To BE The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth Curriculum

Hidden Treasure, Kingdom Jewels and ME! Children’s Book Revised Edition
Sound Expressions For The Wounded Heart (Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit
led Instrumental Album).

I also include a short clip of one of the gemstone pieces on my new Tapestry of Sounds 2 August 2020 Album Release, Sardonyx (copyright 2020 Tammy Sorenson).

Check out each of these brand new 2020 holistic frequency infused projects and Kingdom curriculum releases, available NOW on this website, sound and on Bandzoogle, Apple iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon, and wherever digital distribution is available.

A National Esther Fast Psalming Meditation

Immediately upon saying ‘yes’ to a National Esther Fast this week, I was given a vision with four specific key Scriptures, four photos I had taken, and an assignment to psalm spontaneous music as intercession specific to this fast and create a video. This video, a psalming meditation, is shared below for intercession purposes at a critical juncture in our nation’s history and for such a time as this!

Four key Scriptures (Romans 2:4, Philippians 4:7, Amos 5:24, Esther 4:14) were given for meditation and throne room intercession set to spontaneous Holy Spirit led holistic frequency infused music. This was a Holy Spirit assignment recorded specifically for National Esther Fast intercession on July 1, 2020. Strategically releasing His lovingkindness (to dispel hate, fear, and resonate hearts and minds in alignment with the Lord), His peace (to dispel violence, unrest, and fear), and His justice (to dispel injustice on a multitude of levels) into the atmospheres of individuals, families, the Body of Christ, and into our nation. He exalts His Word above His name (Psalm 138:2) and His Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11). Believing with the faith of Christ, that when sons and daughters are intentional and fervent in worship, praise, giving thanks, and praying without ceasing, the Restorer Himself will manifest His healing into the brokenness of the nations and advance His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Music, Photos, and Video Copyright Tammy Sorenson 2020

For additional Holy Spirit spontaneous holistic frequency infused meditation and intercession music visit SHOP PRODUCTS on this website.


Convicted. As a Spirit and Truth worshiper/intercessor/psalmist, I have literally been walking around in this season with a huge pit in my stomach, growing increasingly worse for quite some time now. I am in angst beyond words over the state of our nation and over this generation, having prayed fervently into and over it much of my adult life. The growing pit in my stomach, i.e. spirit, perceives the growing lawlessness, continuous 24/7 lies and accusations, and the wrong spirit of fear from Covid-19 to how we speak about/to elected officials and law enforcement to how we speak to/about/respond to one another.

Yesterday a Christian friend shared something disconcerting about a major leader in the Body of Christ. Having paid close attention to what the Lord releases through him since the early 2000’s, I knew something about the situation was not being represented accurately or at least not in the way it was intended. We are living in a bizarre culture where leaving out significant pieces of truth, twisting the truth, partial truths, continuous accusations, and entrapment have become the standard. As humans beings not remotely perfected, any conversation with anyone is going to get caught up in this ‘aha – gotcha’ mindset, and then spiral quickly down the path to total ruin or worse.

I was bothered all night about this issue, because the article shared also requested input from Christian friends by skin color. Having spent my entire adult life purposing to be a Kingdom disciple, my ONLY lens for seeing others is ‘God looks at the heart,’ therefore judging people’s hearts and referencing others by our skin color is so troublesome to me because it is simply NOT Kingdom. I get that the culture is going to do that. But the Body of Christ is supposed to be the example…the hands, the feet, the Words, the love of Christ and He said the world would know us by our love…not by our skin color, our political party, our status, or anything else of man’s ways. The current politically divisive movement/agenda lawlessness climate we are living in is grieving my spirit to the point of a groaning I no longer recognize, and it most definitely grieves Holy Spirit.

All to say, inquiring of the Lord about the whole situation, Holy Spirit instantly convicted me. As a daughter of the Most High, me sharing anything on Facebook, Instagram, etc. that even via a reliable fact checking media source, with an intent to point out the faults of or accuse others, even if in the context of being a watchman, is no different than the world. I sensed my Heavenly Father telling me again that the Body of Christ does not remotely understand the love of Christ toward ALL mankind, simply because of the love Christ demonstrated on behalf of ALL mankind. When we discern something false, deceptive, or accusatory, the source is ALWAY the enemy seeking to destroy.

Our time is much better spent and is powerfully more effective through ascending higher – ‘come up here’ – ‘caught up in the spirit’ – and bringing each and every issue before the only One who can turn hearts to Himself…the only One who can heal a very broken and divided nation…the only One every single individual doing whatever it is they are currently doing/saying in order to be heard/make a point, take control, feel empowered, change the course of history and/or change the present is actually searching for…

Every single person in this hour is screaming loudly for the only One who can fill the void, the emotions, the unrest, the disappointment, the anger, the lack, the identity, the notoriety, and the purpose in all that’s manifesting. Yes, we have a roaring lion roaming the Earth seeking whom he can devour, steal from, kill, or destroy…but the only One with infinite supernatural Almighty power has already defeated him and is currently USING him to reveal the multitudes of the corrupt sinful roots needing repentance, forgiveness, and restoration – individually and nationally. All to say, no amount of angst, anger, justification, accusation, fact sharing, etc. etc. etc. will defeat the enemy…only the Body of Christ in intimate fellowship with their Heavenly Father on their knees/faces in Heavenly places in worship, humbly seeking the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to roar in them, on them, through them, over them and for them in the power of His love. His love looks so immeasurably different than anything we could share on social medial.

I am a pray-er – I am an intercessor. I DO pray about all of these issues. Yet, I am convicted even more to pray for those who persecute us – to bless those who offend us – to turn the other cheek – to forgive 70 times 7 – to pray for those whose agenda is to take our nation into one world order and utter darkness of a level only the persecuted Church in many other nations truly understands and intimately knows – to thank the Lord for giving us a a grace period and a leader, who literally in the power of Christ alone, has done much to stand for religious liberties around the world and much to fight against the injustices of so very many – from the unborn to the trafficked to reforming social injustices such as prison reform, create many needed jobs for economic stability for all, etc…and he is hated/cursed by Christians every step of the way…NO ONE is perfected. NO ONE but Christ alone, and in Him alone are we BEing perfected…it’s an eternal process for mankind.

Every treasured individual matters, whether they are on the far left or the far right and everyone in between. God looks at the heart…He sees the poor, the needy, the weak, the broken, the sick, those held captive, the vulnerable…He sees our intention…that is His lens and always will be on this Earth. As sons and daughters this alone should be our lens in the power of His love. Every single sin requires repentance and forgiveness, whether it’s killing someone with our words, killing the unborn, or literally taking the life of another human being. The Body of Christ must come to understand all of this on a supernaturally empowered level. I am quite certain the persecuted Church around the world I was led to teach our children to pray for all of their growing up years understands this on a level we have yet begun to know.

Convicted intentionally to ‘come up here’ and wholeheartedly learn to see/hear/speak ONLY what the Father is saying’ 24/7 as deep darkness continues to cover the Earth. I fervently long to be someone He can rise and shine with His glory through in the midst of it all…the only true position of ‘fear not.’

Only You, Only You, can heal our land oh God…


Restoring or Redefining?

I awakened to my spirit screaming immediately after dreaming Jesus was sitting calming while someone shouted, “Jesus is waiting for you!” In the context of the dream, it was about shouting from the rooftops concerning the desperately needed restoration of the family worldwide, but specifically in this nation, because it’s the nation we have been born into and are called to. The concern stirring violently in my spirit was the multitude of church going believers who profess Christ and plan to either not vote in the upcoming 2020 election because they don’t like either candidate, or even worse, those who plan to vote Democrat because they hate Trump and continue to be deceived that the Democrats are the ones who implement social justice causes on their behalf.

Anyone who truly wants to understand/discern with a genuine concern for humanity and the individual has got to see what has transpired in just a few short months ahead of an upcoming major election. The agenda of the far left has taken away our jobs, our churches, our social gatherings, our health, their currently working on taking away our law enforcement protection and major cities, and basically our way of doing life, from hair salons to dentists. They encourage division and anarchy, disrespect and dishonor of everyone from parents to law enforcement to the elderly. They have redefined marriage as God defines it and paints those who live according to God’s ways as hateful biggots. They are trying desperately to redefine gender at all levels, intentionally targeting the preschool level. They applaud the murder of full term human beings born both vulnerable and innocent, fully dependent on the protection of those who murder them, legalizing the death of tens of millions since 1973…an entire generation of scientists, doctors, creatives, etc. the world will never know or see the fruit of their calling or the gift of their lives. Professing advocation, they actually target population control of minorities who hold the highest abortion rates every single day of every single year. Heinous. They took away moral law when they removed the Ten Commandments from all public institutions. They took our Creator out of science and taught evolution to a generation who has also been indoctrinated to hate our nation and everything is stands for, along with the many men and women who gave their lives to fight for and defend the freedoms they were born into.

Over the span of my teenage years to turning 60, they have completely dismantled the family away from God and as He defined it. We have come to the juncture of the most critical election since the Civil War. We are one election away from socialism. President Trump was not the candidate of my choice when he first ran. However, I have come to see him through my Heavenly Father’s eyes and have watched the multitude of things he is currently fighting for that absolutely 100% line up with Scripture and Kingdom fruit; from aligning with Israel to prison reform to the rights of the unborn, freedom of religion around the world, school choice, fighting sex trafficking and drugs, big Pharma, foreign trade that hijacks both jobs and money away from our nation, and the list goes on and on. To not vote or to vote Democrat when their blatant hatred and anger for anything and everything God, Bible, and Christianity is raging in this culture for all the world to see, along with highjacking critical injustices that need healing and restoration to further their evil cause is simply choosing blindness/captivity to darkness. Extremely sad blindness/captivity to darkness.

My intercession each and every single day in this election year and for the entire rest of my years will be the same as it has been for the past 40+ years: that His Kingdom would come and His will would be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I absolutely believe we are living in Daniel 7 times – with the enemy trying to reset the times and waging war against the saints of the Most High. I also believe it’s NOW time to possess the Kingdom within in Jesus said would flow out of our innermost being. Holy Spirit alone is Who we need to be listening to in this hour. The media is a tool of the kingdom of darkness. You will hear little to zero truth from their lying lips. If Christians don’t learn to discern the voice of Holy Spirit in this critical hour they will not see or hear what’s really manifesting. We have been given an invitation to “come up here” – if we truly accept the invitation we will see and hear very differently through the eyes and ears of our spirits.

I absolutely know beyond the shadow of any doubt that our Heavenly Father loves each and every child He sends to Earth as a gift…that He desires for each and every one to be born with destiny and purpose (not aborted – Satan is the great abortionist)…that our Heavenly Father desires each and every one to choose Him and to learn to walk in His ways, loved infinitely every step of the way and not taught anything to the contrary.

Family is Jehovah God’s idea. Redefining the family is Satan’s idea. Restoration of the family is God’s idea. Destruction of the family is Satan’s idea. We get to choose which idea and whose kingdom we live for eternally. I pray for an awakening from the blindness in the Body of Christ. I pray for the deafness the break off in the Body of Christ. I pray for the entire Body of Christ to awaken to the issues at hand in the love of Christ and that we will stop enabling the kingdom of darkness through our ignorance, our rebellion, our thinking, our emotions, our history, our causes, our resentment, our anger, our religion, and our hatred for anything and anyone that doesn’t fit our religious box. Our country and the generations to come depend on this awakening.

I personally do not want to live in a goat nation that will be cast into the eternal fire when Jesus returns. He is returning. He is all about nations and the individuals who comprise them. I want to live in a sheep nation who hears His voice and is longing to rule and reign with Him for all eternity. Calling forth a generation awakening to the urgency of this hour and to this very high calling.

New Podcast Series: Holy Spirit Adventures

The Empty Classroom, sponsored by The Arts Expressed (Podbean (audio pro mixed/edited) and YouTube (see video by clicking above), has launched a brand new series entitled, Holy Spirit Adventures, intended as Kingdom equipping specific to this generation of children and youth profoundly, intimately, uniquely, and regularly encountering the Person of Holy Spirit. I share encouraging equipping and Scriptural truth strategic to this time we have been given in His Story on behalf of all the children/youth/families throughout the world:

1) Get out your Bibles, journals, art pads and supplies, etc.
2) Get comfortable in a quiet place where you can close your eyes and simply BE with Holy Spirit.
3) Let Holy Spirit take you on adventures, showing and revealing to you infinite things our Heavenly Father desires each of you to know NOW, as well as for your destinies on Earth as it is in Heaven securely seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
4) Revelation 4 is utilized in this podcast as a launching pad to empower visualizing exciting new adventures with Holy Spirit intended to be part of every day Kingdom life.

I play a frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental piece in 417 Hz to activate and release the intention of each listener powerfully encountering the Person of Holy Spirit.

Visit this website (SHOP for album specifics), (Products Page for album specifics), Apple iTunes, Spotify, Bandzoogle, YouTube (Professional Artist Page for visual and aural learners), and wherever digital distribution is available for many holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led instrumental CD album options to utilize in teaching children to practice His Presence – to encounter the Person of Holy Spirit on a daily basis in the power of the Word. Specifically note: Spontaneous Expressions For Children #1, #2, and #3. He is infinitely beyond anything we could ever hope for or imagine!

Restoring the Awe and Wonder of the Lord

I recorded a new YouTube Kingdom equipping video and Podcast discussing the restoration of the awe and wonder of the Lord specific to children, and releasing His lovingkindness into the atmosphere of this Divine pause happening all around the world. I incorporate Scripture, encouragement, and a holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led spontaneous instrumental piece in 396 Hz with the intention of encountering Father’s lovingkindness and restoring the awe and wonder of the Lord on behalf of children of ALL ages. Check out the SHOP page on this website regarding the Kingdom children’s books, curriculums, and additional holistic frequency infused music referenced in this video. Additionally, note that online Sound Therapy Sessions are 15% off during this time of social distancing.