New Sound Therapy Instrumental Products

The Arts Expressed Website Store has added a number of new products, available both as digital downloads as well as hard copy CDs, a new book, and two new online courses.

See each of the products for full details:
Release The Sound You Were Created To Make
EMDR Bilateral Music Sets 1, 2, & 3
The Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation
The Children’s Heart Cry Sound Therapy
The Children’s Heart Cry Online Course
I AM SOUND Sound Therapy for Children and Youth Online Course
Streams of Refreshing Solfeggio Frequencies

All of my Holy Spirit led holistic infused instrumental music is available where digital distribution is sold: Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, etc…

The Children’s Heart Cry – Love

The Children’s Heart Cry is love: to love, to be loved, and be known by Love. Love is the highest and greatest resonating frequency of all. This short equipping speaks of the authentic and unconditional love for which every heart longs. Love is essential to holistic health and wellness. In the majority of the video, I psalm with a double hammer strike, as discussed in the introduction, while using C 528 Hz and 1 Corinthians 13 (both TPT and MSG) vocally and instrumentally by Holy Spirit leading. The Children’s Heart Cry – Love is excellent video for morning or evening devotions/meditation, family time, or when needing a break during the day.

Check out this German research study specific to this video and the impact of love on healing and wholeness. Listen to the Podcast version  on this website as well.

For further study, meditation, devotions, rest, realigning, equipping, etc. I encourage you to check out Children’s Heart Cry: The Sound of a Generation on Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle. Check out my new sound therapy instrumental release, The Children’s Heart Cry, on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and SHOP on this website. See also my equipping Curriculum, The Children’s Heart Cry: Equipping a Generation to BE the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as well as online courses on this website in Sound Therapy, Psalming, and The Children’s Heart Cry.