Press On Or Give Up

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Press On Or Give Up

Twice this week during my daily five mile mountain hike, I have navigated conflicting elements forcing me to choose whether to press on or give up. Confronting frost and ice over the slippery moss covered edges on the road forced me to search out freshly laid salt/sand on the center yellow line. The new path involved a risk of oncoming traffic from our neighborhood mountain development. My next day’s hike ensued with pouring streams or deepening pools of water. I was forced to navigate new paths again that involved a risk of oncoming traffic. One of my neighbors stopped to comment on my dedication. With upcoming thyroid and cholesterol labs after several weeks of blissful holiday eating, not exercising isn’t an option.

Holy Spirit then brought to mind a series of original songs about virtues and character traits I wrote for a lyceum circuit with a storyteller I did many years ago. Specifically, the song, ‘Perseverance’ (as opposed to dedication), comes to mind. Prior to this prompting, Holy Spirit was speaking to me about wholeness: body (exercise, healthy food choices, supplements), mind (renewing my mind in His word), soul (transforming generational, emotional, and circumstantial aspects), and spirit (strengthening in His Presence). Wholeness in Him is what compels me every single day to press on rather than give up. Philippians 3:14 (NASB), “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Jeremiah 12:5 warns us about not being able to run with the horses if we are worn out in the footrace.

2020 inundated the entire world with obstacles and difficult choices. 2021 will continue to present obstacles and difficult choices specific to our pressing on or giving up. As sons and daughters of the Kingdom and the Bride of Christ preparing for His return, we are called to encourage, exhort, and comfort. Jesus said His disciples will be known by their love: not their political, religious, educational, ethnic, or any other affiliation or agenda.

We must learn encourage, exhort, and comfort one another in pressing on as a tangible demonstration of the power of the Kingdom. This is the power of the cross and the power of His Word that is sharper than any two edged sword. When we walk in the Truth of His love all of Heaven manifests on the path we navigate. The photos below of my three hikes this week speak mountains into the revelation I received and release.

I have also recorded an enlarged version of this Blog on my podcast (See Podcast on this website) and on my YouTube Channel ). Both expound on Psalm 42:5 and 43:5, Psalm 8:2, and conclude with a Holy Spirit led holistic frequency infused instrumental piece in A444 Hz tuning. I was led to play in A 444 Hz specific to being attuned to the frequencies of the atmosphere of Heaven. It is the Spirit of Might who strengthens us for such a time as this.

The Christmas Gift

This week both a video prophetic word from Pastor Kent Christmas, a post from An Appeal To Heaven (Dutch Sheets)/Give Him 15 December 17, 2020 contained the exact wording written down through a 10 year old boy in December of 2007 in children’s church. For thirteen Christmas’s, I have posted, decreed, and stood on this very word, simply because, ‘Out of the mouths of infants and children You have ordained praise.’ The very words, ‘I am now coming to you and to this nation, and across the earth in this Christmas season to give you a gift’ are the EXACT same words spoken (during the exact same week of December) through this treasured 10 year old boy thirteen Christmas’ ago.
With eager anticipation, I share this decree again, am believing for and expecting the arrival of our Heavenly Father’s timing on Earth as it is in Heaven. This Christmas His glory WILL cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas (Habakkuk 2:14)!
The following is the prophetic word received in children’s church, December 16, 2007, through a ten year old boy named Danny.
The 2008 Christmas Gift!
“I herd (heard) God say “I am giving you a gift to all that no one haves (has). It is so precious that the glory of it is shining briter (brighter) than the sun! It’s power is felt all over the Earth!” I herd (heard) God say agian (again).”What I speack (speak) is important. It’s might is so far beyond yours.” He said agian (again), “ This Christmas I am giving you a restorement (restoration). My perpose (purpose) is berdond (burdened) on your harts (hearts) so now you know what to do! For now all will (be) and are healed. I am soon coming so rase (raise) up mighty warriors to win the battle that has already bine (been) won by the blood of Christ. We won and now are going to flood your homes with the glory of Me!!!!!”

A Convergence of Marys, Esthers, and Deborahs

A Convergence of Marys, Deborahs, and Esthers, my latest YouTube Video and Podcast is a strategic equipping and Holy Spirit led holistic frequency infused instrumental activation in A 444 Hz tuning on behalf of individuals, families, and nations. Marys, Deborahs, and Esthers, are converging through the roar of deep unto deep intimacy in this NOW time in His Story. There is now a clarion call in the Spirit to be Kingdom vessels of Spirit and Truth worship who decree His justice, His righteousness, and His mercy on Earth as it is in Heaven for such a time as this.

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All For His Glory

October 31, 2020 was one of the best October 31st’s I’ve experienced yet! I was humbly blessed to psalm and lead a group of children, along with their parents, in spontaneous praise, worship, movement, and Kingdom decrees in downtown Hendersonville, NC, in front of the courthouse. Holy Spirit showed up as, “Out of the lips of children and infants He has ordained praise.” “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” We shifted the spiritual atmosphere one color at a time, decreeing the significance of the colors and Scripture revelations specific to our identity as sons and daughters of the Most High. The attached pictures are worth a thousand words. We were also abundantly blessed to spend the evening with a wonderful group of intercessors on top of a mountain with a breathtaking, spectacular view of western NC, interceding over the upcoming elections, children, October 31st, the Body of Christ, our nation, and so much more as Holy Spirit conducted our prayers of unity. Blessed beyond measure!

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(Note: I had many more awesome pics of the children but I don’t share those without permission.”

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Restoring The Voice 741 Hz

This is the unedited video version of The Empty Classroom Holy Spirit Adventures Podcast Episode #7, sponsored by The Arts Expressed. I am specific to equipping this generation of children and youth profoundly, intimately, and uniquely through essential encounters with the Person of Holy Spirit and the One who IS Restoration.

In this episode, I share strategic and intentional intercession specific to restoring the voice. The short introduction and holistic Holy Spirit led spontaneous music is intentionally on behalf of those who have no voice, those who feel they have been silenced, and those who feel unheard. The intercessory music is intentional to the children of this generation, but is also on behalf of all generations – from the womb to the resurrected tomb – ALL whose voices are in need of restoration for such a time as this. I play a frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental piece in 741 Hz to activate and release the intention of restoring the voice, aligning body, mind, soul, and spirit in the frequency of the powerful blood, Spirit, and Word of Christ Jesus.

1) Get out your Bibles, journals, art pads and supplies, space for movement, scarves, banners, flags, musical instruments, etc. 2) Get comfortable in a quiet place where you can close your eyes and simply BE with Holy Spirit. 3) Let Holy Spirit take you on adventures, revealing (speaking and showing) to you infinite things our Heavenly Father desires each of you to know NOW, as well as for your destinies on Earth as it is in Heaven securely seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 4) Be prepared to be creatively inspired to write, draw, move, create, and release what He is unveiling for such a time as this.

Holistic Frequency Infused Projects and Curriculum 2020 Releases

This video describes in detail new 2020 holistic frequency infused projects and Kingdom curriculum releases I have been working on specific to such a time as this, and particularly on behalf of the children and youth of this generation:

Tapestry of Sounds 2 (Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit led Instrumental Album specific to the Revelations 21 gemstones)

I AM SOUND Sound Therapy Program For Children and Youth
I AM SOUND Sound Therapy Session Album
I AM SOUND Instrumental Album (Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit led Instrumental Album)

The Children’s Heart Cry (Revised Edition) – Equipping Generations To BE The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth Curriculum

Hidden Treasure, Kingdom Jewels and ME! Children’s Book Revised Edition
Sound Expressions For The Wounded Heart (Holistic Frequency Infused Holy Spirit
led Instrumental Album).

I also include a short clip of one of the gemstone pieces on my new Tapestry of Sounds 2 August 2020 Album Release, Sardonyx (copyright 2020 Tammy Sorenson).

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Asheville National Day of Prayer Psalming and Prayer

What a powerful, interesting, and impacting day was had psalming at the Asheville National Day of Prayer! The weather forecast was originally 60-70% rain for the entire afternoon and evening. Many prayers changed the weather forecast to clear until after the event had concluded. With everything set up, Kevan and I began psalming ahead of the Asheville National Day of Prayer event, intentionally releasing the lovingkindness of the Father into the atmosphere, as that is the only thing turns hearts to Him. I am unsure as to how many minutes into our pre-event psalming we had been playing, when suddenly a powerful wind bringing pouring rain burst in at everything from the north side. It felt similar to what the disciples must have experienced when Holy Spirit suddenly came in tongues of fire and a mighty rushing wind; we received a mighty rushing wind accompanied by a manifested downpour.

Kevan and I kept playing for a few minutes while everything that had just been set up was blown all around. The wind and rain finally manifested so powerfully that we had to cease playing to cover the keyboards, speakers, sound system, etc., even though we were under a canopy, i.e. the wind and rain was penetrating forcefully from the side. Everything and everyone was instantly wet and soggy while water dripped and pooled everywhere, including amidst all of the music equipment, camera equipment, video/audio tent, sound equipment, and all of the electronics.

Those of us present proceeded to gather together and pray for wisdom on how to proceed. As we concluded our prayer, everything began to clear and we felt we felt led to proceed with everyone on the platform instead of how it had originally been set up. This all transpired at precisely the time Kevan and I were scheduled to stop playing and the scheduled event, Asheville National Day of Prayer at Park Square, was to begin. We quickly utilized our smaller keyboard sound system, rather than the larger sound system that had just been set up for the event and proceeded with the event as scheduled. All of the intercession incredibly hit the mark! We repented, stood in the gap on behalf of government, racism, business, health, children, abortion, education, media, Israel, the family/fatherlessness, military, law enforcement, the church, and so much more. I was asked to repent and intercede on behalf of children, abortion, and education. It was an awesome glorious evening of coming together to bring Heaven to Earth!

If the manifestation was intended to be resistance from the kingdom of darkness, it did not shut us down and the Lord WILL have His way in Asheville, our region, state, and in this nation! If the manifestation was a sign from Heaven of Holy Spirit moving in power with refreshing rains of restoration, “Come, Lord, come!!! I actually sense it was both, along with our need to press through in the midst of adversity to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Abundant thanksgiving to and for all involved, especially to Eva Steward, who brought us all together, i.e. a diverse representation of the Body of Christ in every sector of society, for this memorable kairos time of igniting a new season of His Kingdom advancing in power all across the Earth from precisely where He has called each of us!

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