Restoring or Redefining?

I awakened to my spirit screaming immediately after dreaming Jesus was sitting calming while someone shouted, “Jesus is waiting for you!” In the context of the dream, it was about shouting from the rooftops concerning the desperately needed restoration of the family worldwide, but specifically in this nation, because it’s the nation we have been born into and are called to. The concern stirring violently in my spirit was the multitude of church going believers who profess Christ and plan to either not vote in the upcoming 2020 election because they don’t like either candidate, or even worse, those who plan to vote Democrat because they hate Trump and continue to be deceived that the Democrats are the ones who implement social justice causes on their behalf.

Anyone who truly wants to understand/discern with a genuine concern for humanity and the individual has got to see what has transpired in just a few short months ahead of an upcoming major election. The agenda of the far left has taken away our jobs, our churches, our social gatherings, our health, their currently working on taking away our law enforcement protection and major cities, and basically our way of doing life, from hair salons to dentists. They encourage division and anarchy, disrespect and dishonor of everyone from parents to law enforcement to the elderly. They have redefined marriage as God defines it and paints those who live according to God’s ways as hateful biggots. They are trying desperately to redefine gender at all levels, intentionally targeting the preschool level. They applaud the murder of full term human beings born both vulnerable and innocent, fully dependent on the protection of those who murder them, legalizing the death of tens of millions since 1973…an entire generation of scientists, doctors, creatives, etc. the world will never know or see the fruit of their calling or the gift of their lives. Professing advocation, they actually target population control of minorities who hold the highest abortion rates every single day of every single year. Heinous. They took away moral law when they removed the Ten Commandments from all public institutions. They took our Creator out of science and taught evolution to a generation who has also been indoctrinated to hate our nation and everything is stands for, along with the many men and women who gave their lives to fight for and defend the freedoms they were born into.

Over the span of my teenage years to turning 60, they have completely dismantled the family away from God and as He defined it. We have come to the juncture of the most critical election since the Civil War. We are one election away from socialism. President Trump was not the candidate of my choice when he first ran. However, I have come to see him through my Heavenly Father’s eyes and have watched the multitude of things he is currently fighting for that absolutely 100% line up with Scripture and Kingdom fruit; from aligning with Israel to prison reform to the rights of the unborn, freedom of religion around the world, school choice, fighting sex trafficking and drugs, big Pharma, foreign trade that hijacks both jobs and money away from our nation, and the list goes on and on. To not vote or to vote Democrat when their blatant hatred and anger for anything and everything God, Bible, and Christianity is raging in this culture for all the world to see, along with highjacking critical injustices that need healing and restoration to further their evil cause is simply choosing blindness/captivity to darkness. Extremely sad blindness/captivity to darkness.

My intercession each and every single day in this election year and for the entire rest of my years will be the same as it has been for the past 40+ years: that His Kingdom would come and His will would be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I absolutely believe we are living in Daniel 7 times – with the enemy trying to reset the times and waging war against the saints of the Most High. I also believe it’s NOW time to possess the Kingdom within in Jesus said would flow out of our innermost being. Holy Spirit alone is Who we need to be listening to in this hour. The media is a tool of the kingdom of darkness. You will hear little to zero truth from their lying lips. If Christians don’t learn to discern the voice of Holy Spirit in this critical hour they will not see or hear what’s really manifesting. We have been given an invitation to “come up here” – if we truly accept the invitation we will see and hear very differently through the eyes and ears of our spirits.

I absolutely know beyond the shadow of any doubt that our Heavenly Father loves each and every child He sends to Earth as a gift…that He desires for each and every one to be born with destiny and purpose (not aborted – Satan is the great abortionist)…that our Heavenly Father desires each and every one to choose Him and to learn to walk in His ways, loved infinitely every step of the way and not taught anything to the contrary.

Family is Jehovah God’s idea. Redefining the family is Satan’s idea. Restoration of the family is God’s idea. Destruction of the family is Satan’s idea. We get to choose which idea and whose kingdom we live for eternally. I pray for an awakening from the blindness in the Body of Christ. I pray for the deafness the break off in the Body of Christ. I pray for the entire Body of Christ to awaken to the issues at hand in the love of Christ and that we will stop enabling the kingdom of darkness through our ignorance, our rebellion, our thinking, our emotions, our history, our causes, our resentment, our anger, our religion, and our hatred for anything and anyone that doesn’t fit our religious box. Our country and the generations to come depend on this awakening.

I personally do not want to live in a goat nation that will be cast into the eternal fire when Jesus returns. He is returning. He is all about nations and the individuals who comprise them. I want to live in a sheep nation who hears His voice and is longing to rule and reign with Him for all eternity. Calling forth a generation awakening to the urgency of this hour and to this very high calling.

A Convergence

Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly perverse and corrupt and severely, mortally sick! Who can know it [perceive, understand, be acquainted with his own heart and mind]?”

Our nation has immeasurable problems that defy any and all human resolution…from horrible, senseless, evil, and tragic deaths that further fuel anger and division between ethnicities, to the senseless demonic destruction of millions of innocent babies in the womb ‘justified’ as women’s rights, to the intolerant hypocrisy and pure evil in the political/media/entertainment/education/church/family arenas, to worldwide destruction of lives and livelihoods on a multitude of levels and the implosion of fear, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness, etc. on a massive scale. We are confronting the convergence of a Haman spirit…a Jezebel spirit…a Pharaoh spirit…Leviathon and Python spirits…Baal and Molech…the roaring lion who seeks to devour ALL who stand in the way of arrogant evil dark destructive agendas…a convergence of evil for all the world to see via social media/media and 24/7 repetitive images and narratives inundating hearts and minds.

There is only One solution able to overcome and bring any resolution…only One answer able to deliver us from evil and lead us not into the temptations that further increase the darkness and evil covering the earth. There is One who has already paid the price for the only true JUSTICE the entire earth is groaning for…the One who sacrificed Himself for ALL and is urgently and desperately needed at this historical juncture in our nation…in all nations…Jesus alone provides and makes a way for the deliverance and transformation from deceitful, perverse, corrupt, and severely mortal sickness – from the evil within the hearts of all mankind. The blatant evil we are confronting defies age, gender, ethnicity, education, status, occupation, and any other category or label.

It is NOW time for a convergence of the Azusa Street, Jesus People, Brownsville/Toronto, Word of Faith, Charismatic, Healing, and Prayer movements – it’s time for the sons the earth is groaning for to manifest…it’s time for the people who know their God to arise and shine in the midst of the deep darkness and for His glory to cover the earth doing mighty exploits. It’s time to pray in faith and expect Him to move like never before…it’s time for the greater works He said we would do…for the signs and wonders to FOLLOW… It’s time to focus in on…to press in to the only One who has and will always be able to dispel the darkness and evil now permeating all facets of life on earth…it’s time for a Pentecost like the church of Acts experienced. The convergence of the kingdom of darkness will pale in comparison to the convergence of the Kingdom of Light for such a time as this!

How did we get to here…and how do we get to where we need to be? Jesus is His name. The love of Christ immeasurably surpasses any human love…His justice immeasurably surpasses anything social justice could remotely touch. The love of the Father for the Son and the Son for the Father – their love for ALL is the only answer to a world gone completely and totally amuck and awry. Interceding for spiritual eyes and ears to be opened/awakened…for the people of the Kingdom of Heaven to humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, and pray more fervently passionately and wholeheartedly than ever before – like our lives depend on it – because they do…a multitude of lives are depending on us to tip the bowls in the Heavenly realms for Holy Spirit to move in such a magnanimous glorious and powerful way that our land and its people heal…suddenly!


Cutting Edge Sound Therapy May 2020 Releases

I am excited to announce two brand new cutting edge Sound Therapy CD Releases in May 2020, available wherever digital distribution is sold, including Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Bandzoogle.

I AM SOUND Sound Therapy album is a Holy Spirit inspired download assignment specific to the body’s energy gateways, sound therapy frequencies, colors, and Scriptural revelations connecting the Seven Spirits of God, the fruits of the Spirit, the amor of God, the Romans 12 revelatory gifts, the names of God, and strategic Scriptures pertaining to each. The Instrumental Only version of this CD (see both on the SHOP page of this website or by clicking on the above links) contains the holistic frequency infused instrumental pieces that accompany this profound revelatory sound therapy project.

I AM SOUND Sound Therapy Album
Tammy Sorenson
Copyright May 2020

I AM SOUND Instrumental Only version is the same album as the I AM SOUND Sound Therapy album without the vocals and remastered for instrumental only excellence.

I AM SOUND Instrumental
Tammy Sorenson
Copyright May 2020

New Podcast Series: Holy Spirit Adventures

The Empty Classroom, sponsored by The Arts Expressed (Podbean (audio pro mixed/edited) and YouTube (see video by clicking above), has launched a brand new series entitled, Holy Spirit Adventures, intended as Kingdom equipping specific to this generation of children and youth profoundly, intimately, uniquely, and regularly encountering the Person of Holy Spirit. I share encouraging equipping and Scriptural truth strategic to this time we have been given in His Story on behalf of all the children/youth/families throughout the world:

1) Get out your Bibles, journals, art pads and supplies, etc.
2) Get comfortable in a quiet place where you can close your eyes and simply BE with Holy Spirit.
3) Let Holy Spirit take you on adventures, showing and revealing to you infinite things our Heavenly Father desires each of you to know NOW, as well as for your destinies on Earth as it is in Heaven securely seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
4) Revelation 4 is utilized in this podcast as a launching pad to empower visualizing exciting new adventures with Holy Spirit intended to be part of every day Kingdom life.

I play a frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental piece in 417 Hz to activate and release the intention of each listener powerfully encountering the Person of Holy Spirit.

Visit this website (SHOP for album specifics), (Products Page for album specifics), Apple iTunes, Spotify, Bandzoogle, YouTube (Professional Artist Page for visual and aural learners), and wherever digital distribution is available for many holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led instrumental CD album options to utilize in teaching children to practice His Presence – to encounter the Person of Holy Spirit on a daily basis in the power of the Word. Specifically note: Spontaneous Expressions For Children #1, #2, and #3. He is infinitely beyond anything we could ever hope for or imagine!

Restoring the Awe and Wonder of the Lord

I recorded a new YouTube Kingdom equipping video and Podcast discussing the restoration of the awe and wonder of the Lord specific to children, and releasing His lovingkindness into the atmosphere of this Divine pause happening all around the world. I incorporate Scripture, encouragement, and a holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led spontaneous instrumental piece in 396 Hz with the intention of encountering Father’s lovingkindness and restoring the awe and wonder of the Lord on behalf of children of ALL ages. Check out the SHOP page on this website regarding the Kingdom children’s books, curriculums, and additional holistic frequency infused music referenced in this video. Additionally, note that online Sound Therapy Sessions are 15% off during this time of social distancing.


Kingdom Peace

I recorded a new YouTube equipping video and Podcast discussing and releasing the Prince of Peace and the Peace that surpasses all understanding into the atmosphere of these unsettling times. I incorporate Scripture, encouragement, and holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led spontaneous instrumental piece with the intention of peace and calming on behalf of those seeking to keep their focus on faith over fear and peace over anxiety. I encourage you to spend time in the Word, in prayer, listening to worship music and Holy Spirit-filled sound therapy music. Check out the SHOP page on this website for numerous options.



Podcast Season 2 The Empty Classroom: I AM SOUND

Be sure to check out my Podcast Page on this website! Season 2 of The Empty Classroom, entitled, I AM SOUND is now available. Podcast Season 1 and the first four episodes of Podcast Season 2 focus on the “I AM” piece of I AM SOUND. Beginning with Podcast Season 2 Episode #5, sound is introduced on a grand scale. Sound therapy specifics from my new I AM SOUND Sound Therapy For Children And Youth (copyright Dr. Tammy Sorenson 2020) program will be unveiled and activated in each of the consecutive episodes of Podcast Season 2. Be curious, be expecting, and be blessed in equipping this next generation to BE the sound of Heaven on Earth – body, mind, soul, and spirit!

Exciting New 2020 Sound Therapy Program, Products, and Podcast

2020 begins with a launching of my brand new sound therapy program for children and youth. Sound is everywhere. Sound impacts us 24/7. Our own thoughts, words, and actions are continuously sending out sound. Sound is strategic to walking in wholeness – body, mind, soul (will and emotions), and spirit. I AM SOUND is a cutting edge and strategic Kingdom based holistic and restorative sound therapy approach for parents, caregivers, therapy centers, teachers of special needs, daycares, preschools, private schools, etc. to empower children and youth to be sound in their identity, purpose, calling, and wholeness. The transforming blood of Jesus resets, recodes, and transcribe our DNA to be alignment with the sound of Heaven on Earth. This sound healing program includes Hands On Activities, Music, Unique Sound Therapy Sessions, and Equipping for the womb through the teen years.

My passion and calling is to equip a generation to walk in wholeness – broken children grow up to be even more broken adults. My unique Kingdom ministry focuses on awakening to, activating, and releasing Holy Spirit Presence, the living Word, and holistic infused frequencies that empower children and youth to walk holistically in freedom and identity in Christ. He who the Son sets free is free indeed from generational, cultural, physical, emotional, behavioral, and temporal issues that hinder our journeys.

To discuss scheduling small group or individual sessions or a workshop online or on sight please visit the Contact information on this website. I am thoroughly excited to connect with you in 2020 on this revelatory holistic journey!