Tammy’s Biography:
Tammy Sorenson  is a Psalmist and Teacher, a special ops Kingdom force, sharing her portion of Holy Spirit light and her key of skilled Spirit-led music as a vessel to awaken, release, and activate freedom and restoration through the blood atonement of Jesus Christ to those caught in bondage (Isaiah 61). “Here I am, send me” (Isaiah 6:8).

Tammy Sorenson of The Arts Expressed, Sound Expressions, and formerly Jaran Family Ministries has been involved in music since elementary school. She has a B.A. in Piano Performance, a B.S. in Vocal Music Education, an M.A. in Music Education, a Doctorate in Practical Theology, is licensed and ordained by the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, is a Certified Sound Healing Therapist and Certified VoiceBio Sound Therapist, a Certified Vibrational Sound Coach, an Essential Oils Coach, and a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Jaran Family Ministries ministered at family camps, conferences, seminars, prayer and worship gatherings, and women’s retreats. Sorenson has been involved in local church leadership, beginning in worship ministry leadership at age eleven, and serving the last 40 years with her husband, Kevan. She taught in the public school as a music educator for nearly 10 years, in private music instruction for 40 years, and as a home educator of their six children for 20 plus years. The Sorenson’s have three biological children, Jaran (30), twins Jessa and Jadan (27), and three adopted children from Guatemala, Jenna, (28), Jocilyn (25), and Josiah (23), all of who have ministered with the family in various areas of gifting’s over the past 20 plus years. Tammy has also served in children’s and family ministry leadership 30 years and House of Prayer ministry 20 years. She is a pianist, singer, psalmist, sound healing therapist, songwriter, teacher, speaker, essential oils coach, and author. Music Production by Jaran Sorenson Productions/Nashville, TN. Graphic Design by Jadan Advertising and Design/Atlanta, GA.

Sorenson’s newest innovative and pioneering Sound and Healing Therapy 2020 Album Releases (holistically frequency infused) include Streams of Refreshing, Tapestry of Sounds 2, I AM SOUND Sound Therapy, I AM SOUND Instrumental, and Sound Expressions For The Wounded Heart.

Sorenson’s books, curriculums, and sound healing therapy music are available at www.soundexpressions.net under the Product Page, www.TheArtsExpressed.com, www.TheArtsExpressed.org under the SHOP Page, on Amazon and Kindle, iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, and wherever digital distribution is available.


Earlier CDs

  • A Spontaneous Christmas Keyboard Collection (*CD Notes)
  • Free to Be His Glory (*CD Notes)
  • Grace for the Journey (*CD Notes): a collection of the best from each of her previous CD’s)
  • The Journey: Hebrew Songs for Intercessory Piano (*CD Notes: instrumental intercession utilizing software that converts the Hebrew to musical notation, and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit adding harmonies, rhythms, and form to transform the spoken Word into a musical word)
  • No More Orphans! Intercessory Piano CD and Companion Book (*Spontaneous Instrumental Intercession on Behalf of Every At-Risk Child Throughout the World: Born and Unborn)
  • Spontaneous Expressions (*CD Notes: A Spontaneous Prophetic Instrumental Jaran Family Ministries CD, Unrehearsed and Created During Recording – Includes Scripture, Prayer, and One Original Worship Song with Vocals)


  • 2019 Was I Not Listening OR Did Someone Not Tell Me? (The Journey of A Psalmist) Revised/Updated Biography with 31 Day Devotional
  • 2018 The Arts Expressed Curriculum (Equipping Generations Through Creative Arts)
  • 2018 The Children’s Heart Cry Curriculum (Equipping Generations To BE The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth)
  • 2015 Was I Not Listening OR Did Someone Not Tell Me? (The Journey Of A Psalmist) 1st Edition with Salt & Light CD and Piano Methodology
  • How Did We Get To Here – and how do we get to where we need to be? (Original Book, Art and Song)
  • The Little Ugly House (A Children’s Story about Learning to Shine from Within, co-authored with Jocilyn Sorenson)
  • Hidden Treasure, Kingdom Jewels and ME! (A Children’s Story of Discovering the Treasure of Christ Within)
  • I Am A Good Idea! (A Children’s Story: I Have a Gift in Me and I Carry GIfts the World Needs)
  • The Journey of Adoption (Our Family’s Guatemala Adoption Journey, co-authored by Kevan, Jenna, Jocilyn, and Josiah Sorenson)
  • No More Orphans (I Am A Good Idea!, I Have a Gift Within Me, I Carry Gifts the World Needs Manual for Parents and Educators)
  • Worship is for Kids (A Practical Approach to Leading Children in a Lifestyle of Passionate Worship)
  • The New Testament: a View from the Mountain (A Curriculum for Kids)
  • The Parables (A Collection of Original Scripture Songs)
  • We Belong to Christ (First Recording of Original Songs)
  • And the Moral of the Story Is… (A Collection of Original Songs to Accompany Classic Children’s Stories)
  • A Study of the Gifted and Talented and its Application to Music Education in the Primary Grades (Includes a Measurement for Musical Talent for Preschoolers – Grade 3)

For details and products available from The Arts Expressed or Sound Expressions please visit SHOP on this website or any of the following sites: www.soundexpressions.net, www.TheArtsExpressed.com, tammysorenson.com, iTunes, CD Baby, or The Arts Expressed Facebook Music Store.

Kevan’s Biography: B.A. Music Performance/B.S. Finance, Moorhead State University, Moorhead, MN; 35 years in business; licensed teacher and preacher; family and children’s ministry 16 years; keyboardist, guitarist, bass guitarist, sound specialist, arranger, recording and production for the family ministry. Kevan plays a supportive role in working with various aspects of gear, equipment, sound, and rehearsal/gig transport.

The Sorensons biological children, Jaran (age 29), Jessa (age 26), and Jadan (age 26) were active in the family music and children’s ministries for nearly fourteen years.